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We are business builders. We get involved in "speed-up" situations where we believe our capital, time, and expertise can uniquely make a game-changing difference.



TVI EGYPT brings our tremendous passion, relentless focus, renowned reputations, unparalleled spread, and unwavering commitment to helping others. We believe in a "built to last" approach, preferring to invest with a longer-term horizon to maximize both impact and returns.



For our network of independent distributors, TVI EGYPT offers one of the most dynamic and innovative compensation plans in the direct selling industry that gives you determine the lifestyle you want and then you create it. With multiple ways to earn and up to 68% of the sales paid out in commissions.


We believe in passionate entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the transformational change that makes us distinct that we have a strong and wonderful entrepreneurs and management at a high level of professionalism to share with our agents in our vision and our desire to change the world and want our help as their hands-on partner in building our own company


TVI EGYPT is Egyptian brand world-renowned, operating legally in Egypt specializing in e-marketing and networking marketing for global and Egyptian products and tourism services.


Our mission is to build innovative company that offer consumers more choice, convenience, and control in their lives. We depend on a strong strategy in the marketing and sale of our products and our service allow us to be at every home in Egypt and Middle East within 3 coming years


TVI EGYPT Success rests in the power of association and unity, when our team embracing our beliefs and acting upon them, a "tipping point" is reached. The status will be most wonderful than now

A robotic vacuum cleaner, often called a robovac, is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that has intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system. Some designs use spinning brushes to reach tight corners. Others combine a number of cleaning features (mopping, UV sterilization, etc.) simultaneous to vacuuming, thus rendering the machine into more than just a robot "vacuum" cleaner.


Functionality: To get a spot in our top 10 products, a robot vacuum cleaner has to do more than just vacuum. Infrared sensors are a must, ensuring the vacuum runs in a logical cleaning path and avoids obstacles. In case of slip-ups, it must also have a soft bumper to cushion blows to your furniture and walls. We’re also partial to those robot vacuum cleaners with acoustic sensors that indicate particularly dirty areas. These sensors allow the vacuum to focus cleaning action on that spot before moving on. If allergens, pet dander and dust bother you, look for a cleaning robot with a HEPA filter that not only cleans the floor, but also removes particles from your air. Performance: Because robot vacuums operate wirelessly, they are all equipped with a rechargeable battery. Don’t purchase a vacuum unless it can run for at least 50 minutes before it needs to be recharged. The best robot vacuums can run for more than 90 minutes before returning to their charging base. Yes, you read correctly. The best robot vacuums know when they’re running low and will return to a charging base on their own. If that isn’t cool enough, you can also schedule the vacuum to run whenever is most convenient for you. Features: Included features set a robot vacuum above and beyond its competitors. Our favorite feature is room memory. Room memory means the vacuum, after charging, will return to the spot it left off and continue cleaning. It may take a few times for your robot to remember the layout of your home, but once it has mapped it out, you needn’t worry about telling it where to clean – it will know. This feature goes hand in hand with multi-room navigation. While robot vacuums can’t go up stairs, the best can travel from room to room on a single floor without any direction from you. The only time you’ll need to check on the cleaning vacuum is when the full bin indicator lights up, telling you it needs to be dumped.

Delivery date is 15-20 day after contracting