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“Water is absolutely vital to our bodies. Just like the surface of the Earth, our bodies are mostly made up of water. The average adult contains 40 to 50 quarts of water “






The chemical contamination & disposal of wastewater (sewage) are the main reasons for pollution at water, that  is becoming the most dangerous thing on human health, especially with the presence of huge proportions  of hazardous chemicals in it, such as lead compounds , mercury, cadmium , and arsenic , and pesticides, and some types of bacteria and harmful microbes, as well as heavy metals and toxic materials, in addition to contain sewage bacteria too many cause many diseases, for example, per gram of the outputs of the body (sweat or urine or feces) contain 10 million virus, in addition to the million of bacteria

Some examples of major contaminants are commonly found in natural drinking water:
Inorganic Contaminants like (Lead, Mercury, Copper, etc.)
2- Volatile Organic Contaminants like (Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride)
3- Organic Contaminants like (Bacteria, Viruses)

These Contaminants caused many of diseases from hair loss till Cancer or liver damage


NOW You can get healthy smart water through




1-Healthy Water (Remove heavy metals, Pesticides, bacteria, Virus, Small Particulate, ETC)

2-Provide essential minerals, while contaminants are kept out

3-Good-tasting, odorless water free from Bacteria and viruses

4- Device against breakage because it made from BET material

5-Clean (All units of the device against bacterial growth)

6- Graceful looking, neat (Design of the device is unique, giving greater protection to parts of the machine with a beautiful shape and streamlined)

7- High quality with world latest technology in water treatment

8- 100% guarantee and safe with warranty for 1 year


  • Dimensions: 41 × 37 × 21 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Origin: U.S. components assembling at TIWAN
  • Production capacity: 75 gallons / day (320 Liters)
  • Nutrition Electrical: 220 volts
  • Tank Capacity: 15 Liters

Treatment and Filtration stages

Stage1) Sediment Filter

Component: primary filter 10 inch factory of polypropylene

Function: remove solid impurities and outstanding water permeability to 5 microns

Stage2) Granular Activated Carbon

Component: Carbon filter manufacturer of activated carbon derived from coconut activated

Function: increase its ability to absorb gases to remove the taste, color , odor and chlorine from the water

Stage3) Carbon Block Filter

Component: block Carbon filter works to absorb chemicals more besides GAC

 Function: Effectively Adsorb fine foreign matters and dissolved gases like chlorine from the water

Stage4) Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Component: Levy thin membrane 0.0001 micron chips from cellulose because the size of the smallest bacteria from 0.2 to 0.3 microns

Function: That stage is considered the heart of the water treatment process where the absorption percentage of the hazardous dissolved solids and salts, and heavy metals such as arsenic, copper, nitrates, and lead, as well as bacteria and cysts

Stage5) Calcite Filter

Component: crushed white marble media Filter have 2 main groups

Function: removal of the surface tension of water , which works on non- growth of bacteria and ease of metabolism and adjust the pH of the water to mild alkaline which helps restore the pH balance of the body fluid.

Stage6) Bio-ceramic Filter

Component: This phase consists of four main groups of rocks of different natural namely calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium

Function: which provide the body with salts essential and necessary addition to raise the proportion of alkaline water, which works to raise the level of oxygen in it which improves the role of blood vessels and blood flow within the members and help them to get rid of toxins, fat and adjusts cholesterol level and lowers the acidity in the body which improves public health

Stage7) Far Infrared Filter

Component: infrared beads

Function: Assist in the sanitizing of the water with infrared emitting

Stage8) Inline Post Carbon Filter

Component: Nano Silver and granular active carbon filter granules derived from coconut

Function: To reduce Taste, Odor, Chlorine and plus Bacterial resistance


Because the treatment, purification and filtering water takes a long time in the R.O. system to produce water healthy it is keeping the water inside the tank is pure and healthy and in the case of water consumption than it is automatically the device stages of treatment, purification and filtration and re-fill the tank again.